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Artificial Turf for Rooftops

With years of experience in the artificial grass industry, Artificial Greens & Lawns Research & Development Lab has always worked hard to ensure that our state-of-the-art turf applications can be utilized in as many public spaces as possible. All of our hard-wearing, multipurpose artificial lawn grass products are designed to be installed in locations of all shapes and types, including sports fields, apartment complexes, hotel foyers, schools, daycare centers, and office buildings.

However, one of our fastest-growing areas is synthetic grass for patios, decks and rooftops. Our Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley artificial turf designers and installers work together with each client to create a recreational area that maximizes space and delivers a more visually appealing aesthetic. As a result, our premium faux grass products are durable and versatile enough to seamlessly fit in just about anywhere, from inner-city office spaces and funky downtown rooftop bars to residential backyard decks and outdoor patio areas at restaurants and other commercial venues. We also install synthetic grass lawns in municipal parks and public children’s playground areas, and our turf specialists cater to budgets of all sizes.

One of the key features of our artificial lawns, synthetic cat and dog grass turf spaces, putting golf greens, and practice tee lines is their eco-friendly appeal. Over the years, homeowners and business owners have increasingly become more concerned about the state of the planet and now want to live their lives in as environmentally responsible manner as possible. With our artificial grass turf installations, you will be able to reap many positive benefits.

  • All of Artificial Greens & Lawns products are extremely easy to maintain, which means you can enjoy a flawless-looking lawn all year-round without having to water the grass on a regular basis. Many families and businesses enjoy substantial savings on their water bills in the long run thanks to our turf installations
  • Our skilled Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley installers are confident that our artificial turf is a huge improvement over the ugly, rough fake grass installations of yesteryear
  • Families, as well as business owners, who are interested in “living a greener lifestyle” love not needing to use insecticides, weed killers, and other chemical products and treatments that are typically synonymous with owning a pristine lawn
  • Our synthetic grass turf products possess advanced HeatBlock™ Technology that helps to limit heat buildup. This is especially useful for popular recreational areas, such as rooftop playgrounds located in apartments
  • Just think about how great it is to have a stunning lawn on a rooftop, patio or deck that requires absolutely no more mowing, weeding, re-seeding, trimming, fertilizing, or edging. Imagine not having to toil and sweat under the scorching summer sun!
  • Our faux grass applications look and feel just like natural grass and are designed to endure the hottest and coldest climates, including snow, hail, ice and rain
  • In addition to grass lawns for rooftops, decks and patios, Artificial Greens & Lawns backyard artificial pet grass turf for dogs and cats is a hit with pet shelters, animal daycare facilities and dog training schools!

Our high-quality residential and commercial applications are ideal for indoor and outdoor recreational areas and special events. If you live in Philadelphia or Lehigh Valley and want a synthetic lawn turf installation, please contact us online or call 267-350-9040 today to request some complimentary product samples. In addition, FREE design consultations are also available!

Artificial Pet Turf for Commercial and Residential Locations

A leading artificial turf design and installation company in Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley, Artificial Greens & Lawns has created countless high-quality synthetic lawn grass products for commercial and residential locations of all sizes. One of our most popular applications is artificial pet turf for homes and businesses.

More than 55 percent of homeowners who own a faux grass installation also happen to be cat and dog owners, and a substantial amount of them decide to build dedicated play areas using Artificial Greens & Lawns long-lasting pet turf, where their household pet can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine for many years to come. Our synthetic cat and dog grass turf is soft, spongy, and able to withstand heavy foot traffic. Creating a dedicated play area for your beloved cat or dog can help to reduce the potential for injury if your backyard is typically visited by dangerous animals, such as gophers and feral cats.

But that’s not all! Our artificial pet grass turf for cats and dogs can also be found in many different types of commercial facilities, including doggie daycares, pet shelters, vet’s clinics, and pet training schools. We are confident that most people will fail to notice the difference between our fake grass products and the real thing!

If you are a pet owner living in Philadelphia or Lehigh Valley who is interested in synthetic pet turf for your home or place of business, here are three basic advantages that our faux grass turf products have over real grass lawns:

  • Comfort – Artificial Greens & Lawns patented Omega Technology provides a cool, comfortable surface that never feels prickly, abrasive or bristly. In addition, our grass never needs to be watered or mowed, and our applications also never go yellow due to extreme temperatures or pet waste
  • Hygiene – Ticks, fleas and other pesky pests are naturally repelled by our artificial turf applications, which thankfully means that your pet won’t ever fall prey to these tiny, irritating creatures! In addition, unpleasant aromas stemming from pet urine never become a problem due to our advanced odor control system. Also, our backyard pet turf features tiny porous holes that quickly drain water in the event of a torrential rainfall; imagine a backyard that doesn’t fall victim to slippery, mud-covered areas and puddles
  • Stability – Each of our artificial grass lawns is designed to stop your pets from digging and burrowing holes, which thankfully minimizes the possibility of unsightly and uneven areas in your backyard!

Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley residents love our artificial pet turf installations! In addition to residential and commercial pet turf applications, Artificial Greens & Lawns detail-orientated installation specialists also design and manufacture state-of-the-art playground grass turf, landscaping lawn turf and championship-quality synthetic tee lines, putting practice greens, and golf greens for those who would like the opportunity to improve their skills.

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