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Artificial lawns for residential landscaping and lawns in New Jersey

Artificial Greens & Lawns’ synthetic turf looks so good it is hard to believe it is not real grass.

Everyone wants their lawn and garden looking lush and beautiful. But that is not always possible and despite considerable effort there are problems.

Problem: That beautiful tree that provides so much shade in the summer does not let enough sunlight through. And without sun grass can’t grow.

Problem: Dogs need exercise and there is not enough time in the day for a trip to the dog park so they play in the yard. The result is yellow spots, dead grass, and bare areas that turn to mud after a rain.

Problem: You decided to keep a little bit of real grass by the pool to soften the way the landscaping feels. But clippings get into the water for two days after the grass is mowed. And it is a pain to get the lawn mower inside the pool area.

Problem: You installed a playset for your kids last year and you can’t keep the grass growing under the swings and at the end of the slide. After a rain, those bare areas turn to mud and your children can’t go out to play.

Trees surrounding a secluded artificial turf backyard in PA

SOLUTION: Fake grass from Artificial Greens & Lawns will address each of these problems and more. There is synthetic grass that looks like Fescue, or like Bermuda, or like Zoysia or St Augustine. Some artificial grass is short and some is long. Many of the grasses have a brown thatch layer the enhances the realistic look.

You get the idea. There is a wide range of synthetic grasses that looks beautifully real, fits your application, and fits your budget.

There are a great many reasons our artificial turf is the choice of an ever-growing list of customers.

  • We custom design a solution
  • There is almost no end to the variety of residential and commercial applications
  • With no watering, mowing, or fertilizing there is almost no maintenance cost with artificial lawns
  • Extremely long life with up to a 15-year warranty
  • Built to endure harsh punishment including heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions

Once you discover Artificial Greens & Lawns artificial grass for yourself, you’ll realize why even natural grass has to take a back seat to this amazing product line.

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  • Man-made stream running next to an artificial lawn in Philadelphia


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